About us

Memo is an online business in Kenya. We provide Web support, Computer maintenance and sell Computer memory parts and accessories.

When Memo began, we were only selling computer memory, that’s where the name Memo originated from.

Memo Kenya is currently powered by Jumia.  You’ll find all our products on the Memo Jumia store (Currently offline as we rebuild our stock).

Our services include:

  • WordPress support
  • Cloud support
  • Server support
  • Shopify support
  • Squarespace support
  • Computer support
  • Computer hardware support
  • Computer Applications/ Software support
  • Training

We sell :

  • Computer Memory – RAMS and Computer storage such as SSD Drives.
  • Computer Parts
  • Computer accessories such as Bluetooth and WiFi Adapters.

If you need any computer parts, accessories, memory or storage just let us know.  Check out our Memo Jumia store..  If the product is not listed on our store, get in touch with us and we’ll get it for you from one of our reliable suppliers

We offer Money back guarantees and product Warranties for all our products.  If you purchase any computer gadget from us, always know that you are protected.  We provide warranties and money back guarantees.

We are more reliable, friendly and empathetic to your computer needs.  Memo is run by a computer geek, who basically understands the fundamentals and ‘underlyings’ of computers.

If you are a nerd and a geek and you need any computer parts and any other computer gadgets,  send us a message or check out the Memo Jumia store..

Memo Kenya will be here for you every time if you need any computer assistance.

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