Drivers for Memo Products

Download the Wifi Drivers  here.

1. Drivers for the WiFi USB Adapter

Download the Drivers for the Wireless USB Network Adapter / Wifi Adapter here.

Instructions :

Once you download and extract the files, you will see two folders, one is  MTK WlanU and RTL WLANU . These represent Realtek and Mediatek adapter drivers. These are the two companies that manufacture the firmware for these WiFi Adapters.

Just install drivers for both, so that in future if you buy another adapter, it will work on your PC whether it is a Realtek or Mediatek Firmware.

The Folders have drivers for Windows and Mac and Linux.

For Windows :

  1. Open the first folder, which is the MTK WlanU . Go into the Windows folder and run setup.
  2. While running the setup, do not install the utility . Choose the second option. If you install the utility it will be a bit tricky to use. SO do not install it.
  3.  Once the installation is complete, if you see the Windows wireless iCon at the bottom right of your screen then the adapter is a MTK adapter. You can connect to any Wireless network available around you.

If not, continue to install the Realtek Adapters.

  1. Go into the RTL WLANU ,  then into the Windows Folder .
  2. Then Scroll down to find the setup.exe file. It is labeled Setup . Double click on it to begin the installation.
  3. Once you finish the setup installation, restart your PC .
  4. As soon as you restart your PC you will see the Windows Wireless iCon is now visible at the bottom right of your screen.

In brief :

Open any one of the folders (MTK WlanU or RTL WlanU) .

If you run a windows Computer,  Click the Windows folder and run setup.

Just install both drivers, the one for MediaTek and the other for realtek.

If you run linux or Mac choose the other folders (Most Linux , Windows 8.1 + and mac Systems will be plug and play.

If You need any help , feel very free to reach out on Facebook.

USB 2.0 802.11n 150Mbps Wifi Network Adapter for Windows Linux Desktop Laptop
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