Personalize your MailChimp Newsletters with the Subscriber info

Customizing your MailChimp Newsletter with your Subscribers info

This is about a question I got from a Youtube comment on this mailchimp video. So, I decided to write a simplified post for it and help you along the way as well.


Introducing Merge Tags

Merge Tags in MailChimp are content placeholders . They look like this -*|REWARDS|* , *|ARCHIVE|* , *| EMAIL|*   , *|FNAME|* , *| LNAME|* etc .


If you put the merge tags in your template or email , MailChimp will parse through and replace them with the texts they represent. Note that the last two examples *|FNAME|* , *| LNAME|*) are not permanently inbuilt in MailChimp. You can customize or change their names as shown in the above video.


Send personalized MailChimp newsletters with subscriber info
MailChimp merge tags at work on a Mailchimp newsletter template . From


If You want to say Hello Mary , whereby Mary is the first Name of your subscriber. And the merge tag representing your first Name field is *|FNAME|* . You will put it ,as  shown below in your MailChimp Template:


Hello *|FNAME|* ,

I would love to welcome you to my new blog. Where I will be telling you more about food and culture.

So *|FNAME|* , feel free to send me a message asking me about food, cuisines and culture.

My address is :


And Call me on:



To find a merge tag relating to your list, such as First Name, email , or any fields you added on your signup list:


  1. Click on Lists
  2. If you have many lists , Click on the list you are sending the campaign to.
  3. Go to Settings then List Fields and *|MERGE|* tags
  4. You can change the names for those with changeable names, Email is not changeable, the rest all are.
  5. Copy the full merge Tag , eg *|EMAIL|* .


An image to show an example.

MailChimp Lists and Merge Tags settings window
Merge tags on a list on MailChimp. You can change the name or copy the merge tag here


NOTE : Merge Tags only work if you send a campaign. So send a real test campaign to yourself first. You damn sure don’t want to send campaigns and your subscriber sees things like hello *|FNAME|*

You can see how to send campaigns, to segments, to just an email here, Basically all about campaigns.


External sources :

  1. MailChimp Merge tags ( View a list of inbuilt Merge Tags here )
  2. Bizanosa MailChimp Tutorials (Full Free MailChimp tutorial, You can start here )

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